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Send the registration certificate in its entirety to dvla, swansea, sa99 1ba. Tell dvla about a sale of a vehicle online youtube. Dvla logbook, explained v5c logbook, change of address. The dvla has issued a timely seasonal warning to drivers who are taking their cars abroad this summer, reminding them not to take their vehicle abroad without the v5c logbook on board. The only occasions when ive had issues with dvla have been when ive not sent it recorded delivery. Dvla change of address if you have moved home, notify dvla immediately. You then send it to dvla with the green new keeper slip you were given when you bought the vehicle and the good news is you wont have to pay a fee. When the dealers sell your part exchange you have no way of knowing if they will complete the log books new keepers details.

Tell dvla when you no longer own a vehicle, or you buy a vehicle as either a registered keeper or motor trader. You might want to speak to the dvla customer services team if you find that you have had a problem while registering your vehicle. A dvla change of address, including how to change address on your driving licence, is simple and well show you how. If your vehicle needs taxing at the same time as your address change, if you take your. If you didnt get a log book when you bought the car then you also need to complete the v62 form that you can download from the dvla website. Remember that if you part exchange your old car into a dealers and dont notify the dvla using the yellow slip you are leaving yourself in a vulnerable position. Changing details on your registration certificate v5c. Send the completed document to the dvla with a cheque or a postal order for the v62 fee of. The vehicle registration must match your v5c logbook and your uber profile. If the new owner had incurred any fine,penalties it is you they would be chasing. If your mail is being sent to a big organisation like dvla an insurance company and there is loads of post, i suspect the fact that an item needs to be signed for gets overlooked by the postie as he throws a sack full of mail through the door.

Therefore, its hardly surprising that the dvla has set up both an online portal and a helpline to field a large number of logbook enquiries that may crop up for motorists up and down the uk. Heard nothing from the dvla but, several weeks later, he received a nip from norfolk police relating to his old car. He took the purchasers details, made them sign the logbook and did all the things you would be expected to do. Aug 11, 2015 you can now inform the dvla that youve sold a car to a trader or private buyer online, rather than filling in the relevant sections of the v5 logbook. As a rule this process takes around four 4 weeks to complete. The scrapping company will inform the dvla that the vehicle has been scrapped, however you will have to complete and send off section 9 of your log book to the dvla. You can inform the dvla of a change of ownership by entering the new details on its website. All logbook enquiries are handled inhouse at the dvla s headquarters in swansea. Give the rest of your log book to the buyer theyll need it to register the vehicle in the country theyre going to. How to contact the dvla and get a new log book, what to do when your logbook has not arrived from the dvla, how to do a logbook check, how to apply for a new logbook as the new owner and how to borrow money against your logbook.

Do i need to send part of the logbook to the dvla after a. The dvla has its own complaints procedure, which it is worth following to get your issue resolved quickly and properly. If they dont complete them and send off the docs to dvla you will find yourself liable for your old cars road conduct. If youre unhappy with some aspect of the service youve received, the best way to make a complaint is to contact the department youve been dealing with directly. Your cars registration document, or v5c, is a summary of its details and history along with its owners. None of the above will be returned as all registrations will be posted direct to swansea dvla. Nov 27, 2019 cars older than 40 years old are exempt from paying the charge if this can be proven by sending a copy of your logbook to the dvla. Tell dvla youve sold your vehicle or transferred it to a new registered keeper owner, or that youve bought a vehicle tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle gov. Change your address or name on your vehicle log book v5c. This short video explains what to do if you have lost yours. Tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle. If you buy, sell or tax a vehicle in the uk, you need to inform the dvla. You may receive a logbook with your new vehicle but if you dont, there are ways and means around arranging for a new one to be sent to you. Update your v5c with new name, address or vehicle details.

Remember by law, it is the sellers responsibility to tell the dvla about the change of keeper. The vehicles make and model must match the one on your uber profile. The ultimate guide to your v5 log book 2020 update. How to reregister as a motor caravan with the dvla. Once your new driving licence arrives, youre obliged to deface the old licence and return it to the dvla in swansea.

Include a letter giving the buyers name and address. If youve sold your car to your insurance company, they might sometimes ask you for the entire logbook. If your car is being recycled at one of our centres, we will notify dvla ourselves and issue you with a certificate of destruction. You need to get a log book v5c if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or you have not received one for your new vehicle. If youd like to make a complaint about the dvla, then ironically, you have to do it in writing. Do i need to send part of the logbook to the dvla after a write off. Dvla not sent tax notification page 1 general gassing. The dvla and selling your car complete guide 2020 update.

If you complete this section, send the entire logbook back to dvla, swansea, sa99 1ba. If thats the case, you just need to make sure you send a letter to the dvla with details of your insurance company, and the exact date that you handed over your. A guide to scrapping your motorbike motorbike writer. Dvla logbook v5c changes in ownership, address or status.

To change your address on the v5, you need to complete your new house number and address in section 6 of the document. The original logbook this will be returned back to you. The seller keeps the top half of the form and should send it to dvla to notify they have sold it. Sending this along with your v5c allows to dvla to cross reference all of the relevant information. Often, you can get road tax for a vehicle at a large post office branch and order a new log book at the same time. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that section 9 is sent to the dvla this is the case even if the trader offers to do it for you. Tell dvla youve sold your vehicle or transferred it to a new registered keeper. The v5c is a paper document issued by the dvla to the registered keeper of a vehicle and is used to confirm proof of ownership and the. This is a legal requirement and you can face penalties from the government if you dont follow their instructions about. Then follow either step 2a or 2b depending on whether or not youd like to transfer the number to a. The scrapyard or insurer should fill out section v5c3 of the log book and send it to the dvla. The vehicle log book, or v5c, is an important document for all drivers.

There is no need to contact dvla yourself as cartakeback does everything for you, giving you complete peace of. Tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle gov. I sold a car mid march forgot to send off v5 to say new keeper they sent me a letter. How to register a old and classic vehicles at dvla uk. Mar 26, 2019 with the dvlas online services, its now really important that you keep the reference numbers and codes displayed on your documents confidential. You should return the registration certificate v5c aka log book to dvla so that. Sign and date the declaration which can be found in section 8, and then send the whole thing back to the dvla. You can apply by calling the dvla or by filling out a v62 form and.

Sep 09, 2018 the departments that do these two functions exist at different postal addresses and are different teams of people. Fill in the standard application for a log book dvla v62 form. You also need to know where to send your old uk driving licence. We can issue your certificate as soon as your car has arrived on site while you wait, or we can send it to you by email or post to an address of your choice. However, its much simpler to scrap your car if youve managed to retain it. You must update your vehicle log book v5c if you change your address or name. To do this, you are required to apply via the dvla using your v750 certificate of entitlement. If this happens, you can complete a v62 form and send it to the dvla along with the green new keeper slip the previous owner provided you with. Sending my license and v5c back for change of address, have 2 addys.

Sending off me reg docs to dvla to get addresses on em changed should i put each do in a seperate enveloped and send it registered or all o them in one and send that registered. You can now inform the dvla that youve sold a car to a trader or private buyer online, rather than filling in the relevant sections of the. You should give your full name and address, your date of birth or driver number, the vehicle registration, make and model if the case is about a vehicle and your phone number and send your complaint to. After this time has passed, you are encouraged to call via the departments helpline on 0843 903 3770 for assistance or via the dvlas online email system, which is found on their website. When the sale happens the seller should give you the tear off slip from the bottom of the form, which you post to dvla for you to notify dvla that you have bought the car. You cannot use this service if youve already sent your log book v5c by post. A v5c, or vehicle logbook, is the dvla document that proves you are the registered keeper. Sell my car, van or motorbike to all vehicles wanted co uk. How to get a replacement vehicle log book using form v62.

Once you have built your camper, simply change the classification of your vehicle from panel van to motor caravan on your logbook v5c. Thats because, with these codes, a scammer could steal the rights to your personalised registration without you knowing. Once you have, its just a matter of filling in section 9 of your logbook, putting it in an envelope and sending it on to the dvlas offices. What information do i need to provide to the dvla if i sell my car. Its a printout of what information is held on your car at the driver and vehicle licensing agency dvla. If you are fortunate to have the original logbook for your tractor please follow this list. I need to send back my dvla document for the because they have put my name down as dunlan. Having mentioned this to our upplating centre i was told that theyve lost count of how many documents theyve had to re send to dvla because of them mysteriously. The agency is also keen to remind drivers with leased or hired cars that they will need to bring along a vehicle on hire certificate, or ve103, from their. This car tax mistake could see you fined and your car. To tax the car garage gave me logbook number but im so worried we are going to get a hefty fine. What is the address to send you logbook back to dvla after. What information do i need to provide to the dvla if i sell my.

How to tell the dvla when youve scrapped your car the ana. Dvla contact number for customer services 0300 790 6801. To change the address in your v5c log book if you have misplaced it, visit the dvla website and use the v62 form to change your name and address. The new owner has probably been pestering the dvla about his new log book, they havent sent it because you couldnt be bothered to let them know. If you sold your car to your insurance company then youll just need to let the dvla know by sending your entire logbook and a letter with your insurance companys details, as well as the date you handed your car over. Dvla v5c logbook enquiries 0843 903 3770 uk contact number. Make sure you dont tick the box for new keeper, or fill in your name before sending it off. If youre driving licence has just expired or youve had to update it because some of your details have changed then youre required to send your original driving licence back to the dvla in swansea. This could include losing paperwork, having problems with your logbook or finding issues with registering the vehicle that you have bought. By law, you do not need to have your v5c registration certificate log book for the vehicle you are looking to scrap. They have asked me to send them part of the log book, but i dont know whether to leave it blank or write the insurer as the new keeper. Photocopied the logbook and sent it off by recorded delivery.

Download the document titled apply for a vehicle registration certificate form v62. Apply for replacement log book by post download the document titled apply for a vehicle registration certificate form v62. When changing address on a uk driving license, and vehicle. Follow us on twitter follow us on facebook email us. If you would like to send off a completed driving licence application or change the name and address on your logbook then you should write to the dvla on the following postal address. Dvla will complete the registration of the vehicle and then issue a new v5c log book to the registered keeper. Dvla number plates dvla registrations from number1plates. Youll usually get a refund on your vehicle tax in 4 to 6 weeks. The get me a log book service helps uk vehicle owners to get a dvla registration number. In the event that the motor trader keeps the whole of the v5c, you should send a signed letter to the dvla that confirms who you passed the vehicle to motor traders details and the date that this.

Something is clearly not working very well with royal mail. When you sell or transfer your vehicle you must notify the dvla straight away using the v5c part of your registration document. According to the dvla, the standard delivery time for a logbook can be as long as 6 weeks from the date of your request. Dec 03, 2014 if youd like to make a complaint about the dvla, then ironically, you have to do it in writing. The address looks the same, but note that the postcodes are different. More likely it was nicked somewhere within the royal mail system, given that a spare log book might be handy to some people, and the thieves might be substantially rewarded. Where to send your old driving licence dvla services.

Similarly, if you have changed names you must complete the appropriate section 3 or 6 and send the car registration document to dvla. A cheque, bankers draft or postal order made payable to dvla swansea to pay the. Do not tick the new keeper box or fill in your name on the older style form. What information do i need to provide to the dvla if.

A guide to the new v5c vehicle registration document. Nov 28, 2012 same experience with a work colleague. Cancel vehicle tax and take your vehicle off the road. If your cars v5c logbook document has been lost, damaged or destroyed, theres a straightforward process for getting a new one. Plus you send your applicable documents to us mot certificate, id with any road tax fee and we act as agent, sending off to and communicating with the dvla. Oct 15, 2018 instead of filling out sections of the v5c logbook and sending it off to the dvla, you can simply log on to the dvla website to inform it of the change of ownership. When you buy a car second hand the seller of the car will give you the logbook v5c certificate, use the v5c2 tear off section and complete the new registered keeper name and address, its free to get a new logbook this way and the dvla will send you a new logbook in your name to the address you have given. What is the address to send you logbook back to dvla. They can be downloaded or requested in physical form, but due to the sensitive nature of some of the issues forms relate to, they are required to be returned in a physical format. That means speeding fines, points, bus lane enforcement, parking fines and much, much more.

They can then place the old registration on retention and update your logbook to display your new dvla private plates. Reclaiming car tax for a vehicle thats off the road sorn. Do not address the dvla envelope as i have a special address to send to. Make sure you dont tick the box for new keeper, or fill in your name before sending it. When sending in your logbook to the dvla, the team will handle your request and amend any details andor dispatch a new version of the documentation if applicable. For that many docs, it would be worth a trip to your local dvla office. What information do i need to provide to the dvla if i. Selling to a private buyer if you dont have your v5c registration document you. Sep 04, 2015 notifying dvla when you sell a car to all vehicles wanted, sell my car, cars wanted, leicester, coventry, bedford, milton keynes, northampton, we buy any car, van or motorbike. You should receive a letter within a few weeks of sending the information to confirm that the dvla have it.

Defacing may sound like a difficult task but the dvla is clear that you only need to cut the old licence in half. If you or the vehicle you will be using is not covered on the insurance certificate you will also need to. Fill in the application form with your details to apply for a new log book using form v62. When youre moving home or changing address there can be multiple things that you need to change address with the dvla. Again, the dvla will require the vehicle registration and 11digit v5c document reference number. Download and fill in an application for a log book v62.

Step by step guide on telling dvla youve sold your car follow these steps if your car is being sold ownership transfer for resale, repair or parts. Bear in mind that you should wait four weeks after buying the car before taking this step, just in case your v5c has been delayed at the dvla or in the postal system. You can either ring the dvla or file a v62 form and send it to them. How to tell the dvla when youve scrapped your car the. The process of dvla historic vehicle registration differs in northern ireland. Include a cheque or postal order made payable to dvla, swansea and allow up to 6 weeks to get a v5c. Dont forget, you also need to keep the details of your driving licence updated with your current address as well. Your current body type must be one of the applicable body types as above. Thats the case even if you didnt get any money for it. The vehicle registration certificate v5c thats the logbook for your old car and for your new car if youve got one. The logbook is one of the most important facets of your vehicle and your entitlement to be able to drive.

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